The possible way to combat a disease is to provide proper attention to the patient so he
can manage to get recover soon. Hospitals have been playing an important role in
society since mankind evolved but the ways of treatment have always been changing.
Knowing the possible treatment the doctors in the hospital are saviors of mankind who
always remain on the frontlines. They also need some better facilities in the form of
technical assistance so that they can perform their tasks without any burden.
Technology has promised a bright future for us and some innovative ideas have been
proved a type of blessing in handling such huge distress of hospitals. Management of all
the things at the same time has become possible through icthospital through
which an entire hospital can be handled and managed very well. Some of the countries
hospitals have already got such platforms in which they are doing their duties very
smoothly without any burden of patients management.
Icthospital provides us with an integrated system or a network of interconnected
devices for better and standard communications. Likewise, some better options have
been deployed for further access even controlling the whole hospital with a single
platform just seems to be a mythical thing. For example, patient care can be handled
out with proper connections among the patient and healthcare worker. It is just a small
extension of such a huge project. Like this a patient can get an appointment easily,
payslips can be issued in the most comfort zone, test reports of patients can be directly
sent to the guardians of patients earlier than they receive hard copy forms. Now, talking
of the main administrative role of such a system we can say that admittance of patients
on daily basis is a huge wreck of mind as to keep a record of everyone and it becomes
very difficult and time consuming without such system. So, the facility provided by
this system is such that all these dealings can be done very easily without any problem.
It can include the payments of bills, controlling the ward's transfer of patients who need
intense care, easy access to the doctors at any place whether they are in the hospital or
not. The security of the whole hospital is also the main aim not to be compromised.
Digital security is an innovative way to mitigate the external threats to the system in
such conditions of tense environments of ICUs of hospitals. Proper counseling about
the patients mental health through virtual meetings with doctors is also being carried
out. The whole set up is a dynamic and innovative administrative controlling system.
Introducing a new world.
It has always been a golden motto and the first purpose of icthospital to serve the
whole world with devotion and spirit for humanity by introducing such kind of magical
ideas that can prove very effective in the upcoming days. So, to change our tomorrow
we have to step up for the cause of services and deal with the benefits of the general