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A Pandemic had been a part of man’s life since the beginning but the ways to tackle the pandemics have been evolving with the upcoming generations.

We are also well aware of that Man who knew nothing and also a man who knows everything. But this is not
so simple because the transformation has taken thousands of years to bring us to the present age.
A man who never knew about the diseases has now become a professional to fight against them.
This is the course of time that has played a significant role in such development. The whole thing
starts with an idea which makes a person so special. The procedure involves the diagnosis and
treatment, for nowadays. Humanity has faced such great pandemics which engulfed millions of
lives in a very short period of time but with each of that crisis man has become even more
stronger than ever before and that all have been possible through a spark from technology. Now,
we are facing another pandemic but there is a thing to ponder whether we will overcome this or
not? The answer is surely yes but it involves the aid of computer science.

A way to success and normality: There is always a solution to every problem and like this, there
is always a cure for every disease if discovered. The new pandemic requires us to self isolate
ourselves. That feels awkward, not going anywhere and spending time at home. So, in this course
of time, we have also some of our activities that require real attention such that a visit to a
hospital or clinic for other ailments such as on regular basis medication. Today’s technology can
also break that barrier and provide us through the visual meeting of both doctor and patient. A
Virtual Clinic in this phase is a breakthrough. An idea that has revolutionized everything now is
Telemedicine. A man from the past can hardly imagine today’s progress that a man has made.
Patients are being treated and monitored online. That’s a sigh of relief for us in such a depressive
Global Usage: The use of the method is not only bound to a certain area but instead, the whole
world is interconnected in this need of the hour. Such useful information is also carried out about
surgeries that even doctors are being closer than ever before and operate by being connected. It
has broken the barrier that a doctor and patient form any corner of the world can
communicate without language restrictions. The whole set up is also being installed among
countywide hospitals that the connection between them can surely mitigate the effect of this