Bed Management

A hospital has been the part of human life since early development and it has been
playing a productive role in assisting human beings for their survival. A hospital requires
a large number of working members who can run it with high accuracy. In a hospital, the
care of the patients admitted for treatments and intensive care units is the basic
purpose that a hospital can provide. The accommodation of such a large number of
patients is only possible through the availability of a sufficient number of beds in the

The management of the patients & residence during their stay in the hospital is difficult
and should be managed very carefully. For this purpose, ICTHospital Management
System provides a basic module lending a helping hand to hospital management for
arranging and providing a suitable number of beds for patients. This system can easily
provide information about the total number of beds present and those which have been
occupied or are vacant.

-This operating system can tag the beds with the given number assigned
according to the doctor and patient. The system also provides help in registration
of beds in ICUs, CCUs, General wards, etc. So, it becomes very easy to provide
the upcoming patients with ease of access to their beds. The status of a bed can
be viewed if it is occupied or free and further procedures can be done.

-Using this feature of the software you can also allocate a bed for any patient
easily. This provides a better working possibility with a short time interval. The
category of bed is also added and can be managed accordingly.


The basic need for this module is to provide a very simple and easy way of
Hospitalization. By registering a bed, nobody has to wait for the attendant which
allocates bed manually. By using this, a patient can get the allocated bed very quickly.
Innovations have been a part of the ICTHospital Management System since the