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e blood transfusion has now become a very reasonable approach for the recovery of those patients having extremely low blood levels in their bodies. So, a hospital should also be well capable of providing blood of any group in case of need at any time. In this regard, ICTHospital Management System also manages the provision of blood to the patients with an early approach and very quickly in response time. This module manages all the details about the blood transfusions, donors, recipients, etc. with in the Hospital. A hospital that can provide all the possible aids to a patient is an appreciable institution regarding the safe future of mankind. But the task of management of such a large number of departments sometimes becomes really difficult. So, the software provided
by the ICTHospital is a solution to this problem managing all the things with high accuracy.

 Managing the blood transfusions

This segment of ICTHospital provides all details about the transfusions of blood keeping records of everything. Thus, if a person donates blood, his information is saved as a donor, and the type of blood is also reported. Likewise, the record of the recipient is also saved for safety purposes in case of any transfusion again. This management is done effectively taking all measures for ease of patients and management.

 Blood Collection

The detail of every type of blood available in the bank is saved so that in case of need one can easily find the required one ready for transfusion without wasting any time. So, it can keep all records of types of blood present in the blood bank any time and the dates they were donated and collected. Blood issuance details are also saved routine wise. This management proves to be a life saving one.