Lives of human beings have been saved through medicine since the
beginning but as the world evolved the system of medicine and provision of
health care facilities have also been improved. Hospitals seems to be
backbone of any country’s health system. An organized system requires a
more dynamic contribution of technology which can impart long lasting
effects on health care system. The main aim of Unified Integrated
Management System is to provide hospital a complex network of
communication through which whole of the hospital can become connected
and all the dealings can be done from an online platform rather than being
connecting through physical appearance. An Integrated system can provide a
web of interconnected computers or devices within any part of hospital. It
provides us facility of dealing with the patients,medicine and keeping the
record of everything. It is a best way keep our system mobilizing.

Facilities of the system

Health care professionals and doctors can perform their duties very
well without tension of any type of connection failure among them and the
provision staff which provides them with the basic needs needed during
treatment. Some of the main features are such as Patient care,Payments
method through online platform,a connection among all departments of
hospitals in case of emergency,information of patients such of medicine and
equipments,etc. Doctors and staff members of hospitals come at ease with
provision of such a well developed system. The online cloud platform
provides communication among the patient and health care workers so that
they can continuously remain in touch during intensive care procedures.
The appointments for further treatments and surgical procedures are at
easy hand for all worker and the coming patients that they can manage it in a
better way. The schedules are made and are saved for further upcoming
activities. The record of medicine and payments is easy to handle through
such dynamic system which performs an all round performance.

Our Future Aim

Technology is playing a leading role in every aspect of society and we
are a part of it. It depends on us that how we can use it for our benefits to a
definite level. The facilities provided by this system can ease the workload
and can make the doctors and paramedics only focus on saving lives not to

manage things as that assistance is being provided by the Integrated system
for Hospital management. The administration staff can also take advantage of
such system as handling a giant organization can become very difficult to
handle if such assistance is not provided. So,we have to put our efforts in
adopting such platform that can ease access of communication without any