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Lab Management

A laboratory plays a significant role in the proper functioning of a hospital. It should be kept in mind that diagnosis is an essential process before any type of treatment. After a diagnosis of a disease, proper treatment is carried out. So, for diagnosis, some tests are taken by blood samples or others in the laboratory, and reports are prepared according to the conditions of samples. We can say that the quicker the reports prepared the quicker the treatment starts.

The doctors can view the reports of the patient and start the medication to treat the disease. In such a case, the ICTHospital Management system provides a basic facility for arranging the laboratory works in an efficient way. This module manages the titles of the reports according to the patients’ samples and the type of the test is also mentioned so that the doctor can easily understand the report through this software even without any hardcopy in his hand. Some of the points are given below regarding this management of the laboratory.

  • Lab Patient List

It is an essential segment that provides us all the details of the sample of a patient that comes to the laboratory for testing. It manages the given samples by giving names of patients accordingly and the time and date are also mentioned so that each sample has a fixed identity. A list is prepared for the coming samples with names of patients and the new ones can be added and deleted with a sequence of reports given out.

  • Add Lab Report

A new report can be added in this module according to the patient’s name, nature of the test, Doctor’s reference, Deposited amounts, etc. It is a very easy way to manage new lab samples with high efficiency.

  • Test Category

A new test category can be introduced in this type of module by simply adding its name, description, and reference values. It can be easily done with the aid of some professional skills and once it is available it can be functional for such types of tests.

  • Template

This management system can become such efficient if it has a variety of operating and managing systems. The variety can be increased by adding new things to the software and in this regard, a collection of premade templates is also added.