Medicine Management.
The management of every type of medicine used in the hospital and its data or record is
provided by the ICTHospital Management System very effectively. Generally, it stores
all information about the medicine such that which medicines are being used in the
hospital, their expiry date records, category, sale price, storage and run-outs, Generic
names, quantity, shortage, company names and titles, side effects and other
information about the medicines in a sophisticated manner.
Considering it a hope for better medical procedures and a better future ICTHospital is
playing a leading role in innovative ideas for every aspect that can provide benefit to
humanity. The details of such management of data are given below.

Medicine Expiry and Storage.
ICTHospital saves useful information about the medicine’s expiry dates and
manufacturing dates because of the awareness about the medication used to suitable
date and time otherwise it can pose a serious threat to patients; life if left uncared. So,
this idea is suitable for the proper functioning of a health care system. It also saves data
and records of all medicines in stock and shortage so that the medicines can be stored
earlier than they run out and cause a stop in treatments. That’s why it also becomes a
prime purpose of the ICTHospital Management System.

Medicine and Company names.
The names of medicine and their company are also saved to check their performance
and purchasing that medicine of a specific company in the next stock. This feature
lessens the impact of losses purchasing ineffective medicines and provides financial

Informative attributes and side effects.
The information about medicine such as its treatment effectiveness and its side effects
is also saved for every medicine present in stock. This step can provide Hospital
Management every single detail about the use of medicine.