Table of Content

• Telemedicine.
Telemedicine is the distribution of information about the diagnosis and use of medicine through
technology or electronic media. It involves distant coordination between a health care
professional and a patient very precisely. So,this contact allows diagnosis,prescription,etc. In no
time, a patient can seek medical attention without even carrying a single step out of his home.
This is a very simple and suitable method of care in case of social distancing.
Nowadays,as the situation is being held by a pandemic telemedicine is one of the most
important ways through which the barrier can be broken for contact of a patient and a doctor. A
doctor can provide every essential information about the present condition of the patient without
even a physical meeting and can prescribe the medicine needed by the patient.
It is a continuous interaction of the doctor with his patient about his health and the ongoing
scenario of his condition, careful monitoring, advice,prescriptions, etc. In this way, a patient can
be cared about even at home by this sort of technology. The whole world is being provided by
this platform at which an easy approach is available between a patient and a doctor whether they
are in any corner of the world. In the case of this current situation, a global pandemic has been
surged out and we have to observe social distancing. This time is very critical for those patients
who seek medical attention regularly or weekly intervals.But we have not to worry about
anything as we have the online platform in the name of the virtual hospital.
A Virtual Hospital.
This global pandemic has set up a challenge for everyone in the field of medicine. The first
thing we have to control is the spread of this virus and flatten the curve. Online Hospital is a
problem solver in the case of today’s situation. It can deal with every problem including from a
normal patient to a severe one. World Health Organization has also encouraged this step of
virtual assessment of patients and their cure to mitigate the effects of this virus.