The main thing during these is to focus on the health of people in our community. Different people
have various living styles according to which they may prefer the way of treatment in case they have a
disease. Every person can’t get the high-class medical facility due to lack of such financial assistance
and unfortunately he demises if proper medication is not carried out. So, our future is providing us with
an opportunity for physicians and patients to be in contact with a new type of health care system which
is going to be promising in some upcoming years. Controlled trials are the standard to establish
intervention efficiency in the healthcare system. Innovative analytic techniques and tools are
becoming available to evaluate the certainty of this intervention and multidimensional features are
being introduced to direct all stages of treatment such as lab results, X-rays, reports, etc in urgent
efficiency. Ongoing research is also providing us with a better idea to think for further amazing features
that the system can provide.
• Patient’s engagement and treatment
Wireless monitoring, mobile health application, social media, innovative programs,
telecommunication abilities, etc offer better possibilities to extend such health care systems to a new
level well beyond in-person visits of the patient at the physician’s clinic. The relationship between a
patient and a physician can be transformed into Virtual Meeting for health issues and
diagnosis. Telehealth is going to be promising health tools in engaging patients in their health care
information. The emergence of new telehealth-linked capabilities and the integration of prescription
with technology provides us value-based clinical care, health promotions, and disease prevention even
in case of any pandemic. They also can provide challenges to both patients and physicians to learn the
new way of technological connection and to convert whole data into clinical workflow. So, they require
more evidence on telehealthcare as they make important decisions with, and on behalf of, their patients.
• Conclusion
We have to work on this new opportunity and massive research work is also needed whether it is
performing to such goal point or not and the patients find easy to do so or not but one thing should be
kept in mind that everything touched with technology has always provided us with a breakthrough in
any of the field.