Pharmacy Management.

The pharmacy within a hospital or outside is a supplier of any kind of medicine needed
for the patients but this is the most difficult portion of the medical field to manage as it
requires a huge amount of management information about the medicines. There can be
thousands of medicines within a store or pharmacy. So, it becomes very difficult to
manage such large details about all medicines present or are in short supply. This is not
only the case for just those medicines available in the pharmacy but the details of the
medicines arrived, purchased, sold, in short supply, etc all information is mandatory for
influential management.
This whole thing is easily managed by this module of the ICTHospital Management
System. It provides us with all details about every medicine in pharmacy with an
effective way of dealing. A pharmacist can barely manage such huge details on his own
without this operating system. So, it has become a need of the hour to manage all
things using this glorious module.


The dashboard in this segment of software provides us information about the sale in the
form of a graph for ease of apprehension. All accountable details and statistics about
the sales and total numbers of sales, expenditures, Purchased stocks and its expenses,
medicines available, and those out of stock, etc are managed very easily using this
module. Details of everything sold and purchased and the net profits can also be
calculated. In short, it is a very commendable way of organizing such data with
efficiency and without any error.

Daily Records

The record of everything is calculated about sale or purchase on a daily, weekly, or
monthly basis as you desire. This also provides details about sales prices, purchase
prices, Gross expenses, and Profits without any problem. The accounts for every
possible purchase and the ratios of progress, managing every minor detail with high
accuracy is a prime goal and purpose of this system. This management proves to be
very beneficial dividing the work tasks and burdens, etc. So, for a better running
pharmacy, it should deploy all means by which it can manage things well.