ICTHospital Management System provides a facility for saving records of prescriptions of their patients. It manages all the details of prescriptions written by doctors for the case if needed anytime in the future for check-ups again. This can make the process of tracking any patient's medication history easy and the doctor can provide medicine to the patient according to the previous one efficiently. It makes the record on hand every

A prescription is necessary when a patient is diagnosed with a disease and his medicine should be known for early treatment. In this case, a prescription written by a doctor can be saved with proper date and time for sake of re-check ups and the recordsĀ  of previous medications facilitates a doctor for further treatment that which medicine has been proved effective and continuing that medicine becomes necessary. Early diagnosis and early treatments are life-saving ones in most of the cases. So, ICTHospital cares about the lives of patients and keeps a record of everything for use in the future without any problem. The patients are checked according to their past and the recovery they have made. The management of keeping the record of prescription on time is necessary and ICTHospital makes it possible to every extent to treat patients at any time. This module also works on the saving record of the patient's medical data for easy recognition of the patient's history and medication.