The most important factor of a system is the management of time for every task. ICTHospital Management System provides us with a better schedule for everything which is carried out at the hospital. There are many procedures through which the hospital has to go through daily and these procedures require fixed intervals for their proceedings. So, ICTHospital provides a proper timetable for treatments, surgeries, appointments, doctors’ schedules, etc. We have to know that proper scheduling can manage things in a better way that everything keeps going on with primarily fixed dates and time. In this way, a large number of appointments, treatment, surgeries, etc can be carried out on time as scheduled. Management of events timely in any of the system plays a basic role in its success.

Some of the schedules in hospital routines include appointment dates, treatment schedules, doctors’ routines, working hours, holidays, shift changing, etc. In short, everyone has to work in close coordination with the scheduling system so that management becomes easy and punctual. It provides us the schedule in the form of a set up given below:

  • All Schedule

This includes the pre-existing time schedules for the procedures going to happen in the next few days from its start. So, doctors can easily become aware of their timings and can work accordingly. Their holidays are also being scheduled by which all things become easy to handle. It also includes their timings daily, working hours, breaks for lunch, rest times, etc. The off-time records are also being recorded for keeping the doctors punctual and dedicated to their work. There is also a segment that provides us with the details of the doctors on holidays so that their alternate doctors should be available needy times. Looking towards a much better operating system ICTHospital is leading a key role in such a management system.