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ICTHospital Management System also provides service just like the Email system and provides information to the patients about their routine check-ups. The only difference is that it uses the text message system while the email system proceeds through internet platforms. The progress of any work or an idea can be enhanced if it is synchronized with time with his efficiency. Considering this segment of the ICTHospital Management System we can say that it can be very helpful in managing the routines of daily visits and appointments of the patients by regular provisions of SMS. This module in the system manages everything well in terms of information. It can send SMS as an appointment alert to patients phone numbers for reminding them about their appointments and meetings with the doctors in case if they have forgotten. It is a very innovative approach to make patients and all their activities punctual.
It not only makes a way towards performing everything on schedule but also reduces the chance of missing the appointments which can save a lot of precious time. Patients can get alerts about their check-ups and appointments in regular or even in emergency issues. In this way, the patients will get consistent and regular health care check-ups
proving to be a life-saving step by ICTHospital Management System. One should know the importance of schedules for everything and this reminder system is very helpful as it can make everything based on schedule without any problem. Patients get SMS and get consistent health care tips for further treatments. The SMS system also provides information about the confirmation and cancellation of any appointment. This system basically sends instant messages to the patients about their dues or requested appointments with their doctors.