ICTHospital management system (HMS) manages records of doctors of the hospital. The doctor is responsible to treat or restore human health through the practice of medicine. Doctor’s data is managed according to their specialization like Chest specialists, Gynecologists, surgeons, and physicians.
ICTHospital framework manages and stores Doctor’s information.
The following functions are available in the Doctors Management Module.
  • List of Doctors

    • Doctors list: It shows the detail about the doctor as Information of doctor,
    • Edit: It can be used to make changes in the information of the doctor
    • Appointments are taken from the doctor
    • The holidaies of the doctor, Time schedule when the doctor is available.
    • Detail of the doctor can also be deleted.
    • New records can also be added to doctor’s lists.


  • Treatment History

    • Treatment History shows detail about how many patients are treated by the doctor.
    • List of all the patients can be also viewed through date.
    • Treated from “Date from” till “Date to”.