ICTHospital management system(HMS) is an expert technology promising a sign of glittering future. It has many extensions in the form of features one of which is Doctor Management. This feature includes all sort of information about the doctors working in coordination with the management system of the hospital provided by the ICTHospital It generally manages the record of the doctor, in short, each and everything about the doctor such as his specialties like whether he is a chest specialist, eye specialist, lung specialist or any other one. So, doctors’ data is stored for his period of service in the case when needed should be available to access. Some of the functions which are available for such a doctor management module are given below.

  • List of Doctors.

  • Doctors list:
    This segment provides the basic information about the doctor in detail generally such as his name, specialty, availability, etc. So, the use of such a system can easily know about his doctor without even asking him and any other person in the hospital. It is an amazing feature which provides us all of our needs.

  • Edit:
    This portion provides us with access to changing anything regarding the information on anyone’s identity, His type of work, or any other thing.

  • Appointments:
    A person can easily get his appointment from the doctor as this feature provides ease of access for such appointments.

  • The holidays of the doctor and his schedules for working days and availability are provided by such a management system very efficiently. So, the management can easily assess the service of a doctor. Like this, the detail of the doctor can be edited or deleted.

  • Some other new records as easy to be added in a portion of doctors’ detail in case if anything was missed during first input or other circumstances.

  • Treatment History

  • It shows detail about the number of patients who have been treated by the doctor and their history with the type of diseases and their treatment procedures.

  • The list of patients’ arrival and treatment can also be viewed from date to date.

  • All records from starting to till date can be easily viewed.