ICTHospital management system provide finance module that cut back the strain of the revenue cycle management method.

This feature manages patient accounts and record of all past and present payment information. once a patient checks in, Finance modules verify insurance eligibility to create certain everyone seems to be on identical page regarding copies and deductibles. All other financial issues are managed here in this module.

Financial activities are taken by the organization to fulfill its goals and objectives.

  • Payments
    • Payments show the list of amount in tables in which the added payment could be edit,invoice and delete.
    • Data of payments is saved permanently or is deleted.
  • Add Payments
    • Every individual patient can add payments to his account .
  • Payment Procedures:
    • Payments can be made according to the requirements with respect to the category
  • Expense
    • Expense shows the list of table .The list contain the overall data about the Expenses.
    • List can also be viewed by selecting the numbers given at the left-top of the page of Expense
  • Add Expense
    • New expenses can be added in this module.