Table of Content

Financial Activities.

A good working organization also has to manage its financial activities very well as all the working procedures depend upon the finance of a system. So, it is necessary to keep everybody’s financial data from the present or past. ICTHospital Financial system provides better and well-organized management of financial accounts of its patients once they check-in. All the expenses and payments are kept in front of the patient and records of data of patient’s financial activities can easily be saved for past or present with the desired efficiency.

The module for this financial management system provides relief for the strain of the revenue cycle management method. Thus, the eligibility of the patient for insurance can be estimated and his financial status during that hospital service for him can be judged very well. The account of the patient is managed and his payments records are arranged according to date and time so he may have ease of apprehension. All the financial activities and issues are managed in this module. Financial activities are taken by its organization to fulfill its goals and achievements. A patient himself can manage his accounts by paying his bills and expenses on his own. Some of the categories are given below.

  • Payments

Payments are such a segment in which the payments of the patients can add according to his expenses and net charges are being calculated. In short, all payments, Invoices, and cuts are done by managing the detail of payments for financial and mental assistance of patients so he may easily understand all those activities. It is generally in the hand of the patient to manage his account.

  • Add Payment

A patient can easily add his payments to his account and can manage his financial activities in this segment.

  • Payment Procedures

The procedures of payments and management are made very simple for the patients and all the payments can be done according to condition and treatment types of which a patient is well aware.

  • Expense

The details of all expenses are displayed in the form of a list in this segment and this is done for the ease of patients and management system. The list can be viewed as per expense for certain treatments and medications. The patient can view his expenses table from the list displayed at the left-top of the page of expense.

  • Add Expense

This part belongs to the addition of the new expenses to the table in this module.