ICTHospital management system manages patient’s data and store details about the patients, doctors , nurses , physician , psychologist , dentist , veterinarian .

Following Functions are available in ICTHospital Patient Module.

  • Out-Door Patient:

    Out-Door Patient list shows the patient registered lists that visits OPD for General checkup.

    Complete details of Patients and their medical history , Checkup history and also maintained treatment history.

    Payment management system.

  • In-Door Patient:

    In-Door Patient list shows the patients registered and admitted in the hospital for treatment . Complete details of Patients and the medical and payment history is also available.

  • Payment:

    Payment management system of patients.

  • Patient Documents:

    This contains documents of the patient that could be lab reports and other official documents. Complete patient treatment history , lab reports , doctors opinions, xray reports are stored.