ICTHospital Management System provides management of the patients who have been visiting the Hospital or are admitted. We have to know that the main aim of a hospital is to provide the patient with all those facilities he needs for his recovery. So, patient management is a necessary task to be handled. It can improvise the whole hospital management system as it can store all details of the patients and their treatment procedures. The advantage it provides as a backbone of a hospital in the management of arrival, registrations, treatment, payments, discharge, etc. of patients with efficiency. The management of a hospital is a difficult task to be handled but with the help of icthospital.com, a hospital becomes very adaptable and easy to manage in every department. Some of the functions of the Module of ICTHospital are given below:

  • Outdoor patient management.

A hospital divides its facilities and departments into a type such as the patients with the mild illness which come for a general health check-up. So, their management is done separately as their registration, check-up, treatment, payments, etc. are organized and well managed through such software for that short interval of interaction. So, the patients visiting OPD of a hospital leave after their checkups so that their information and details are stored and managed through this system.

  • Indoor patient management.

An indoor patient is that patient who gets admitted to the hospital in case of a serious illness that he needs proper attention and care regularly. So, the management of such a patient is also done very efficiently such that his arrival and admission dates are recorded and the record of doctors treating him and the treatment procedures with payments for all such facilities are also taken into consideration.

  • Payment Management.

All the bills and payments can be calculated for the ease of patients and also for the administration. It includes the payments of whole treatment including medication, lab tests, reports, X-rays, etc. So, a person is provided with the whole scenario of his treatment that was carried out at that hospital.

  • Documents of Patient.

The documentation of the patient’s records is an important feature by which one can analyze the patient’s information when needed. So, these documents include reports of lab tests, X-rays, CAT scan, etc that hold importance in treatment methods.