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Human Resources.

It is a well-known fact for everyone that we are living in an era of technology and robots and most of the things are becoming self-operating but the point to ponder at this moment is that technology can’t replace a human being because of its intellect and behavioral response which is innate and can’t be organized in a machine with such efficiency. So, an organization such as ICTHospital Management System manages its Human Resources provides every minor detail about them, which working in the hospital through a unique platform such as Management Information System(MIS). It is a necessary step to cover the details for those individuals who are responsible for the maintenance of an organization.

Human Resources include Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Lab Incharges, Receptionists, etc which are playing their vital roles in saving lives. As their working benefits a lot to the organization they are also well managed by the hospital administration and management system making them work with devotion. Some of the important details this part of the management system reveals are mentioned below.

  • Nurse

A nurse plays a significant role in the healthcare system. So, each nurse has her own identity and the administration keeps itself aware of every working staff member. List of working nurses in displayed in this part and for convenience of management system the details of the nurse such as Name, Email, Password, Address, Phone, and the picture can also be saved, changed, and viewed easily

  • Pharmacist

A pharmacist is also a main aid of the working body as the knowledge of medicine is a necessary part of treatment procedures. So, the pharmacists in a hospital are also registered in this type of management system with his Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc. A list of pharmacists is sequenced accordingly.

  • Laboratorist.

A lab is an integral part of a hospital as it covers many tests of the patients and their reports within a fixed interval of time so may the patients can be diagnosed as early as possible. So, a person within the laboratory taking such responsibilities is a laboratorist and his detail including his Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc are viewed with the list of every laboratorist in the lab.

  • Accountant.

A person dealing with all the financial activities and account management is that accountant whose all details are viewed by the list including his Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc and this list can be amended as required.

  • Receptionist.

A new patient entering the hospital does not know about the location of checkup departments and rooms of hospitals. A receptionist in this regard guides that new patient. The details of the receptionist can also be managed and the list is also made for his information such as Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc.