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A hospital can have various managing departments by which all the activities can be controlled. Like this, a portion is present where the activity of all kinds of reports is managed. This management is provided by the module of the ICTHospital Management system by which every type of report is provided and saved. The reports tell us about the patient’s health and some other types of reports predict the performance of the Hospital.

Not all the reports of the same kind need to be recorded. Every report with a separate identity is saved. Some of the types of reports are given below.

  • Financial Reports

This segment provides us with information about all financial activities in the form of a report depicting the scenario of finances. All the hospital’s financial status can be viewed in this report regarding every department. It gives us an idea about the expenditures and spending on all developments and also about the financial status of received patients and net profits.

  • User Activity Report

Any person using ICTHospital Management System can be easily judged through his activity. In short, the activity of that person can be viewed and a report is prepared accordingly. This report suggests how a person is using this software to manage his problems and how much this software has helped enlighten its positive aspects.

  • Birth Reports.

The reports of newly born babies are also prepared to manage the balance of operations and the number of babies present in the hospital under proper care. Their record is saved for being used at any time in the future. These reports help the management to easily save the data of new babies such that their date of births, parents’ names, etc.

  • Operation Reports.

The report of every type of operation carried out in the operation theater is recorded in a sophisticated manner. The prime purpose of this saved data is to manage the record of everyone under treatment and the surgeries. So, the names of the patient and the doctor are also recorded in the report so that the data is saved about the surgery. This data also helps to count the number of surgeries performed per day or month and ease of apprehension.

  • Expire Reports

The details of the deceased patients are saved in this segment showing the time and date of such incident so every kind of information should be recorded. The report can be viewed by anyone at any time even after a long time interval as the data is saved efficiently.

  • Doctor Commission Report

This report shows the financial profits of the doctors and their commissions for every single patient. It also helps hospital management to manage the doctor’s financial account from the hospital finances regarding his commissions.