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The hospital management system is a software method that serves to properly manage healthcare-related information which helps health care providers complete their jobs. They handle information relevant to all healthcare agencies, such as,

  • Clinical
  • Financial
  • Laboratory
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Materials
  • Pathology
  • Nursing
  • Radiology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Operation theater

As early as 1960, HMS entered the fray of hospital management and has since evolved and synchronized with innovations while advanced healthcare facilities. Healthcare management begins in today’s world from the hands of patients via their mobile phones and enhances the patient’s needs.

Importance of HMS

HMS was adopted to tackle the difficulties of confidentiality management of all paper works of each patient associated with the different hospitalization departments. HMS allows the option to maintain all the paperwork in one place, reducing the work of employees to arrange and analyze patients’ paperwork. HMS does many jobs, such as:

  • keep the medical data of the patient
  • Manage the contact information of the patient
  • Keep track of the appointment dates
  • Save the insurance documents and information for later reference
  • Monitor the bill payments.

Features of Hospital Management Software

Here is a list of features of HMS:

  • Doctor Management
  • Patient Management
  • Schedule
  • Appointment Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Activities
  • Laboratory Management
  • Bloodbank Management
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Bed Management
  • Reports Management
  • Email System
  • SMS System
  • Prescription Management
  • Medicine Management

Doctor Management

The ICTHospital Management System(HMS) is a professional technology that promises a sign of a better future. In the form of features, it has many extensions, each of which is Doctor Management. This feature includes all kinds of data about doctors working in collaboration with the hospital management system provided by the ICTHospital. It actually manages the doctor’s record, in short, all of the doctor’s professions, such as whether he is a chest specialist, an eye specialist, a lung specialist, or indeed any. Therefore, the data of physicians is stored for their duration of service in the event that access should be available when necessary. Some of the configuration options for such a module for doctor management are given below.

  • Doctors list
  • Edit a Doctor Record
  • Working and Holidays schedule of each doctor
  • Treatment History
  • All Records history is available from the very first day.

Patient Management

The ICTHospital Management System provides management for patients who have visited or are hospitalized. We have to understand that a hospital’s main objective is to provide the patient with all the amenities he needs for his/her healing. Therefore, patient management is a required task to be managed. The entire hospital management system can be improvised, as it can hold all patient’s information and their medical interventions. The advantage it provides as the backbone of a hospital in the management of efficient patients’ entry, registration, treatment, payments, discharge, etc. The management of a hospital is a complicated task to manage, but a hospital is very adaptable and easy to manage in every department with the help of Some of the features of the ICTHospital Module are provided below:

  • Outdoor patient management
  • Indoor patient management
  • Payment Management
  • Documents of Patient

Outdoor Patient Management

A hospital categorizes its amenities and departments into a type that comes for a general health check-up, such as patients with mild illness. So, as their registration, check-up, treatment, payments, etc. are organized and well managed through such software for that short interval of interaction, their management is done individually. So, after their checks, the patients visiting a hospital’s OPD leave so that their data and information are saved and handled through this module.

Indoor Patient Management

An indoor patient is a patient who is hospitalized in the case of a disaster disease that regularly needs suitable care and care. Therefore, the care of such a patient is also done very effectively so that his entry and admittance dates are recorded and the record of physicians treating him and the treatment procedures with fees for all such amenities are also taken into account.

Payment Management

For the convenience of patients and also for the administration, all the bills and payments can be calculated. This includes full therapy payments, including drugs, laboratory tests, reports, X-rays, etc. So, the entire scenario of his treatment that was conducted out at that hospital is given to a person.

Documents of Patient.

The reports and records of the patient are a significant aspect through which the data of the patient can be analyzed when necessary. Therefore, these documents include reports of laboratory tests, X-rays, CAT scans, etc, which are relevant to therapeutic approaches.

Schedule Management

Management of time for every task is the most important factor in a system. Everything that is carried out at the hospital, the ICTHospital Management System offers us a better schedule. The hospital has to go through many processes on a daily basis and these methods require a set duration for their proceedings. Thus, ICTHospital offers a suitable schedule for treatments, surgeries, appointments, schedules for doctors, etc. We need to know that suitable scheduling can better manage things so that everything continues with predominantly fixed dates and times. In this way, as scheduled, a vast number of appointments, treatments, surgeries, etc. can be conducted on time. Timely management of activities in any system plays a fundamental role in its achievement.
Some of the hospital routine schedules include appointment dates, schedules for treatment, routines for doctors, working hours, holidays, changing shifts, etc. In simple, in close coordination with the scheduling system, everyone has to work so that management becomes simple and punctual. It gives us the timetable in the form of a set-up given below:

All Schedule

This includes pre timetables for the processes that will take place in the next few days from the start of the process. Therefore, doctors can easily become aware of their schedules and can function accordingly. Their vacations are also planned, making everything easy to control. It also covers their daily schedules, working hours, lunch breaks, rest periods, etc. In order to keep the doctors punctual and dedicated to their work, the off-time documents are also tracked. There is also a section that offers us the holiday doctors’ information so that needy times should be accessible to their alternate doctors. ICTHospital plays an important role in such a management system by looking towards a better operating system.

Appointment Management

The ICTHospital Management System offers a very effective way to arrange such appointments and manage a big audience by simply making appointments with the right time and dates for their patients.

  • All appointments
  • Upcoming assignments
  • Past appointments
  • Appointment Calendar

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Human Resources Management in HMS

  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Laboratories
  • Accountant
  • Receptionist

Human resources contain doctors, nurses, paramedics, laboratories, receptionists, etc. who perform their vital role in saving lives. They are very well managed by the hospital management and administration system, which makes them work with dedication because their work helps to raise a lot. The above-mentioned list of human resources for hospital management software. Read more.

Financial Activities

The module helps relieve the strain of the revenue cycle management method for this financial management system. The patient’s qualification for insurance can thus be estimated and his financial status can be very well assessed for him during that hospital service.
Some of the categories are given below.

  • Payments
  • Add Payment
  • Payment Procedures
  • Expense
  • Add Expense

For more detail about financial Activities click here.

Laboratory Management

Doctors could view the patient’s reports and start the treatment of the disease with medication. In such a situation, the ICTHospital Management System provides a basic facility for the efficient arrangement of laboratory work. Some of the items relating to this laboratory management are given below.

  • Lab Patient List
  • Add Lab Report
  • Test Category
  • Template

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Bloodbank Management

This section of the ICTHospital provides all the information on blood transfusions, keeping a tally of everything. Therefore, if a person donates blood, his data is stored as a donor and the blood type is also reported. Similarly, the recipient’s record is also saved again for safety purposes in the event of any transfusion. This management helps take all measures to facilitate patients and management. Read More.

Pharmacy Management

This whole thing is easily managed by this module of the ICTHospital Management System pharmacy management. It offers us an effective way of dealing with all the details about every drug in the pharmacy. Without this operating system, a pharmacist could barely manage such enormous details on his own. So, using this glorious module, it has become a need of the hour to handle all things. Continue reading.

Bed Management

It is difficult to manage patients & residents while their stay in the hospital and should be very precisely managed. The ICTHospital Management System provides a basic module for this purpose, lending a helping hand to hospital management to arrange and provide patients with the correct number of beds. Here is the complete detail about Bed Management in ICTHospital.

Report Management

A hospital can have different departments of management through which all the activities can be monitoring. Like this, where the activity of all types of reports is handled, a module is provided. This management is provided by the ICTHospital Management System module, which offers and saves all kinds of reports. The reports tell us about the health of the patient, and some other types of reports predict the hospital’s performance. Read more.

Email System

In ICTHospital HMS, It can send emails and appointment notifications to patient’s email addresses for the purpose of reminding them about their appointments and meetings with the doctors in case if they have forgotten. It is a very creative method to make patients and all their activities punctual. More detail

SMS System

This module in the system handles its entirety properly in terms of information. It can send SMS as an appointment notification to patients mobile for reminding them about their appointments and meetings with the doctors in case if they have forgotten. It is a very innovative approach to make patients and all their activities punctual. Read more.

Prescription Management

ICTHospital Management System offers a facility for saving records of prescriptions of their patients. It handles all the information of prescriptions written by doctors for the case if needed anytime in the future for check-ups again. This can make the process of tracking any patient’s drug history easy and the doctor can provide medicine to the patient according to the previous one efficiently. It makes the record on hand all time. Click here for more detail.

Medicine Management

The management of all kinds of medicine and drugs which used in the hospital and its data or record is provided by the ICTHospital Management System very effectively. Usually, it saves all information and data about the medicine such that which medicines are being used in the hospital, their expiry date records, type, category, sale price, storage and run-outs, Generic names, quantity, shortage, company names and titles, side effects and other details about the medicines in an advanced method. More detail.